Subscriptions, Coffee Clubs and facilitators

Coffee club structure

Upgrading Subscriptions

Adding more facilitators to your Coffee Club Subscription

Add/Remove a facilitator to a Coffee Club

​From Attendee to Facilitator

Changing the name of your Coffee club


When you start a new subscription, you will be asked to select your plan (the number of facilitators), enter your Coffee Club name and your payment details. 


Coffee club structure 


The ‘Coffee Club’ is set up when you first register for Lean Coffee Table.  

All Facilitators must belong to a ‘Coffee Club’, even if there is only one of you.  

Note: A facilitator cannot be a member of two Coffee Clubs.  

All the facilitators within a Coffee Club can run sessions on their boards, or on boards created by fellow facilitators who have invited them to their boards. For example, this enables a facilitator to run the session if the original facilitator can’t make it.  


Upgrading Subscriptions 

Adding more facilitators to your Coffee Club Subscription 

You can upgrade your subscription at any time to add more facilitators e.g. from 2 to 5 facilitators  

Note: Only the Coffee Club owner (the person who originally setup the Coffee Club) can increase the number of Facilitators in that club and assign club membership. 

1 - Click on upgrade on the top menu 


2 – Choose your new level of plan and click on ‘Select Plan’ 


3 – You will see this confirmation screen.  Then go to ‘Manage Coffee Club Facilitators’ to invite users to your Coffee Club.



Add/Remove a facilitator to a Coffee Club 

You can add a new facilitator to your club if you 

  1. Have a spare slot in your membership subscription i.e.  you currently have 2 facilitators in a 5 facilitator plan 

  1. You replace an existing facilitator by first removing the previous one and then adding the new one 

Click on the Admin button 


Step 1 – Add or remove facilitators 


You can add or remove facilitators from your Coffee Club by clicking on Manage ‘Coffee Club’ facilitators. 

Remove a facilitator from your Coffee club using the ‘Remove’ link after the username of the person you wish to remove. To add a facilitator, type their email address and click the + to add them.  

Note: If you have already reached your facilitator limit then you will first need to remove an existing facilitator before you can add a new one, or upgrade your subscription. 

Note: Once you have removed someone from being a facilitator in your club you will NOT be able to add them back again to the same Coffee Club. 



From Attendee to Facilitator 

If you are an Attendee you can click ‘Upgrade’ to set-up a new Coffee Club.  However, if you are in an organisation it is best to first check if there are other existing Coffee Clubs that you could be added to.  

If there is already a Coffee Club for your organisation, we suggest you contact the owner and ask them to add you as a facilitator in their Club, rather than create another Club.  


Changing the name of your Coffee Club

You may chnage the name of your Coffee Club at any time. Go the Account Admin page and click on the name of your Coffee club under Subscription Details. You may edit the club name in this field.