Running a session

Facilitator controls

Merging similar topics

Setting the timer for discussion

Extending or ending discussion on a topic 

Adding Comments to a topic under discussion

Adding actions

Exporting Actions

Saving a session

Creating a Session Summary to distribute

Deleting a board


Facilitator controls

Once the board has been created and people have joined the session, there is a sequence of steps for the facilitator to undertake, much of which may be managed by using the panel on the right hand side.

  1. Before the session starts you may want to: 

  • Provide attendees with a quick link to the conference call for the session, e.g.  Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc. – Click on ‘Set Conference Link’ and paste in the URL to the conference call.   

  • Copy and share the Guest link, which enables attendees to join with two clicks, no need to register. Use ‘Board Guest Link’ to copy the link into your clipboard. 

  • If there are topics still on the board from an earlier session and you wish to re-use the board, click ‘Clear Board’ to delete them and start again. 

  1. Ask everyone to enter their topics. 

  • Topics can be added by attendees and guests and may only be deleted by the topic author or by the facilitator.

  • If you discover that some of the topics are similar and may be discussed together, you my merge several topics.

  1. Decide whether you would like to keep your voting anonymous

  • The facilitator can toggle the slider in the control panel to show or hide the topic author names in the 'Topics' and 'To Discuss' columns. Note that once the topic is moved to the 'Discussing' column, the author name is shown.

  1. Once the topics have been entered ask everyone to vote. 
  • All attendees have 3 votes. Votes cast in error can be removed and recast. 

  • Use ‘Reset Votes’ if you need to restart the voting process e.g. because someone entered a topic late. 

  1. Give them a short time to vote, then click ‘Start Discussions’ – which will move the topics that have one or more votes into the ‘To Discuss’ column.   

  • The list is ordered with the most popular topics at the top. 

  1. Take a topic and move it into ‘Discussing’. 

  • As you move a topic to 'Discussing' you will be presented with a pop up reminder to choose the length of initial discussion.

  • Set the timer for between 1 and 10 minutes and begin your discussion.  

  1. Anyone can add written comments whilst the verbal discussion is underway. Discussion notes and actions from the meeting may be added and will be recorded inthe session summary.

  2. At the end of the session you can export Actions in a .csv format – using the ‘Export’ button. 

  3. Alternatively, a permanent .pdf record of the session can be created with ‘Session Summary’


Merging similar topic cards

Ideally before voting, Facilitators have the option to select topic cards which cover similar subject matter and combine these into a new card. Any votes already cast on the original cards will be added to the new parent topic card.


To merge similar topic cards, click on 'Merge' in a new topic card


Select the cards you wish to combine by clicking on the tick in the centre of each topic card (this appears if you hover over the card). Click once more to deselect. Now add text to the parent topic and click 'Merge Topics'


If voting has already taken place, the votes for each of the child cards are combined on the parent.

The number of child topics is displayed in the top right hand corner of the parent card. Click this number to see the original text and votes from the combined topics


Setting the timer for discussion

Select the time for initial discussion from the pop up box displayed when you move a topic card over to the 'Discussing' column.


You can choose which sound you would like to play as an alert when the timer runs out. There is also a 'silence' option if you would prefer your discussions not be interupted by the alarm. 


Extending or ending discussion on a topic 

When the timer runs out and the alert sound is played, everyone will see this pop-up with the option to extend the discussion (thumbs-up) or move onto the next topic in the ‘To Discuss’ column (thumbs-down).  



The end/extend votes are displayed in real time. The facilitator may call an end to the voting and either add more time to the current discussion or move on to the next topic based on the votes cast. A time extension of up to 5 minutes can be selected from the box below.



If your discussion comes to an end before the timer runs out, the facilitator can simply move the topic card to the 'Discussed' column and the timer will automatically reset to 0. Move across the next topic card to initiate a new discussion.


Adding Comments to a topic under discussion 

Anyone can add comments to the topic that is under discussion. This can include aha moments, links to articles or images.  The comments are included in the session summary for later circulation and will be labelled with the author. 



Adding actions 

Only the facilitator can add or delete actions, using the ‘Add Action’ button.  

Actions are linked to a specific Topic and are included in the Session Summary .pdf 



Just enter a title and description of the action 



Exporting Actions

All actions added to your discussion topics may be exported as a .csv file. Data from this file can be used to distribute and track actions arrising from your sessions.


Saving a session 

Sessions are automatically saved as the topics are created and moved. You can return to a board at any time and pick up from where you left off.  

Some users prefer to go back to the same board for all their meetings. To run a new session on a pre-existing board, the facilitator may reset the votes.

If you want a permanent record of a session then please create a Session Summary, details below.  


Creating a Session Summary to distribute 

At the end of the session you probably want to create a permanent record (.pdf) that you can distribute to everyone. The summary includes the topics which were discussed, who attended the session and the comments and actions added during discussion.   

Click on the session summary button in the facilitator’s control panel and enter a brief description of the session and click ‘create summary’. 



This will create a .pdf which is automatically downloaded onto your desktop.  


Deleting a board 

You can delete a board from the boards page.  


Click on the 3 dots next to the appropriateboard title


Click delete on the board edit page.