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1. Log In

Log In to Lean Coffee Table using an account or simply use your Microsoft or Google Account.


  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Microsoft

2. Create a board

Create your first board and select who you would like to attend your Lean Coffee Table session.

Decide if you would like your board to be private so only people who have been explicitly invited can attend or if you’re happy for anyone with the url to login as a guest without having to create a Lean Coffee Table account.


  • Allow Guest users with no account
  • Only allow selected users

3. Create your topics

Attendees can enter topics they would like to discuss.

TIP: Some people ask attendees to enter topics before the meeting begins in order to save time.


  • Unlimited topic creation
  • Set link to conference call

4. Vote on the Topics

Attendees can now vote on the topics they wish to discuss.

At the end of voting hit the "Sort & Move Topics" button to move the voted topics to the To Discuss column. These will be prioritised by the number of votes each topic received


  • Vote on topics
  • Remove votes on topics

5. Start Discussing

Move your first topic across to the "Discussing" column and start your timer..

  • Timed discussions
  • Change end of timer sound

6. Add Actions

While you're discussing your topic, add actions that can be circulated to the attendees afterwards.


  • Create Actions

7. Time Up!

When the timer is up all Attendees are asked to vote if they would like to continue discussing the current topic.

When the attendees have voted, the facilitator can then decide how much longer discussion of the current topic should continue. Or bring in the next topic for discussion.


  • Democratic voting to continue discussion

8. At the end

At the end of the meeting you can generate a Session Summary of your meeting as a PDF to distribute to the attendees.

The session summary records all meeting participants, the topics and numbers of votes and actions created against those topics.


  • Create meeting summary
  • Export Actions

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